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Tara B. Saunders Photography

Welcome! II’m a wife, mother, and a professional photographer who shoots both fine art projects and lifestyle portraits.  I grew up in Bridgewater, VA, where I spent my early years exploring farmland with my sister and riding in horse-drawn buggies with our Mennonite cousins.

My love for photography began when I moved to Northern Virginia after college and worked as a Marketing Communications Manager. Part of my job was choosing photos for publications.  That love blossomed into a true passion after my first child was born and I was driven to capture memories of every wondrous moment.

Since then, I have moved around the country with my husband and three sons, living in San Antonio, TX, and Columbus, GA, before settling into our current residence in Charlotte, NC.

My personal work has appeared in exhibits nationwide, including the “Summertime” Exhibition at A. Smith Gallery in Johnson City, TX, in 2017,  the “SlowExposures 2015” Exhibit in Pike County, GA, and the “Columbus Photographers 2015” exhibit in Columbus, GA. One of my photos was also included in South x Southeast photomagazine’s feature, “Red in the American South.”

Time is fleeting.  Our world changes rapidly. I believe the beauty of this moment should be captured and preserved for generations to come.

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